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Komodo Liveaboards & Indonesian Liveaboards

Komodo Liveaboards & Indonesian Liveaboards

Komodo Liveaboards

– Komodo Dragon & Komodo Habitat Indonesia - Scuba Diving in Komodo Marine National Park, Mermaid 1 komodo adventure & Komodo cruises to the very beautiful tropical area of Komodo. Sailing expedition adventures offers on this Dive Komodo liveaboard website and Mermaid liveaboards look forward to welcoming you to Indonesia to dive Komodo area with Komodo liveaboard for Scuba diving & Raja Ampat liveaboards from Bali to Komodo onto Flores for Komodo dive trip Dracheninsel komodo

Dive Komodo

Komodo is unique because it offers two totally different marine environments. In the north we experience the warm clear waters that flow from the Flores and Banda seas. Typical of most tropical locations throughout the world. The hard coral reefs are extensive and in pristine condition. To the south, we encounter cooler waters that flow from deep in the Indian Ocean. It is not unusual to encounter whales, whale sharks, mantas, sunfish and other planktonic feeders during dives on the southern sites. Upwelling, caused by deep ocean currents colliding with the continental shelf force
an endless supply of planktonic food towards the surface resulting in a rich coral gardens and an exceptional quantity of marine life. The confluence of these two distinct marine ecospheres is responsible for the remarkable diversity found in the waters of Komodo.

Komodo Dragon Habitat



Komodo Liveaboards Dive Cruises Dive Komodo - Komodo Dragon Habitat


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Komodo Liveaboards Dive Cruises – Dive Komodo - Komodo Dragon Habitat,Indonesia