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Mola Mola Sunfish Bali operates from Bali’s first purpose built dive centre, set on the sandy beach of a picturesque village right in the heart of Mola Mola country. Our European and Indonesian dive guides each have more than 3,000 dives on Mola Mola sites. It’s a combination that allows you to enjoy one of diving’s great experiences, and one of the world’s loveliest islands.


Sunfish Bali | Mola Mola Bali |  Sunfish Bali Safari Scuba Resorts Indonesia is for all Scuba Divers

Adventure seekers around the world looking for special Scuba Diving Packages & adventures from Indonesian Archipelago. Scuba Resorts Indonesia has selected the most luxuriuos Scuba Dive Resorts on beautiful islands along with exclusive Indonesian Liveaboards to the best remote Dive Sites within Indonesia



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